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VIC Family Lawyers is a knowledgeable and experienced law firm with all the expertise needed to manage legal issues properly. We understand that there is nothing more important for you than your family, and we provide Australian women with peace of mind by handling their cases efficiently. With years of experience in the field, our team of experts are ready to assist you and give you timely advice on how to act in any legal matter you are facing. Our professionals are known for a long list of cases they have successfully resolved, and they sit together to decide the most beneficial resolution for your case.

We set the difference when it comes to representing women, listening carefully to your problems, any matter that may worry you and evaluate different ways to proceed. We never impose a “one-size-fits-all” approach because we are always looking to provide you with a customised service that can cover your needs and exceed your expectations for any kind of legal issue you are facing. VIC Family Lawyers is a firm that will respond to you and help you find the quickest way to address and solve all your legal issues, always protecting your rights and interests.

About US

VIC Family Lawyers

There is nothing more important than stability and the well-being of your family, specially when you are amid difficult circumstances that may affect you and your beloved ones emotionally. We understand your needs and challenges throughout a divorce process or family dispute and recognise the importance of assisting you to reach a quick resolution without extra expenses and unjustified stress on your part.

When you choose VIC Family Lawyers to protect your rights and interests, you are selecting a range of professionals that will use their entire experience to help you. For these legal issues, you need a highly-committed expert that is dedicated and responsible, and that is what you will find here at VIC Family Lawyers. Knowing that divorces and family issues are some of the most common legal concerns nowadays, it is important to receive help from people willing to take the most challenging cases and resolve them in the most efficient way possible.

Our Mission

To represent women in law cases and find the most beneficial output avoiding extra expenses and all stress these procedures may bring.

Our Vision

To be Australia’s most trusted women’s law firm. Building long-lasting relationships with all clients based on trust and expected results.

Our Morals

We take pride in completing our work in the most efficient way. With precision and passion.

Our Services

We offer top lawyer counselling and legal representation in Melbourne for all women facing legal issues related to separations, divorces and family disputes in general. Our team of professionals will be ready to assist you and help you throughout this difficult moment. Our core philosophy is to provide only top legal services to handle divorce or family law cases employing only modern winning techniques and paying a lot of attention to detail since they are what set the difference between successful outcomes and not so efficient outcomes.

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  • Children Matters
  • Relocation
  • Family Disputes
  • Family Law
  • Property Settlement

Our bases as a top reputed VIC Family Lawyers firm find their roots back in the times when our team of professionals were preparing to become modern lawyers with a deep knowledge on the most recent trends and any modifications laws may face.

First, we decided to gather together top-qualified professionals with many years of experience in the field and several successful cases related to family law and protecting the rights and interests of women in Melbourne.

Second, we studied the legal needs of women in Melbourne. Collecting all data required to specialise our services to the real needs a law firm specialised in family law in Melbourne should be able to respond to.

Nowadays we offer our premium quality services helping women in Melbourne find a cost-efficient and timely solution to their legal issues. We take pride in being able to help women in Melbourne complete a successful litigation that results in the most beneficial outcome and we keep modernising our practises to offer you the most reliable service in current times.

Although legal actions usually come with very expensive processes, here at VIC Family Lawyers we offer very competitive prices so you will not be left in debt after your legal issues have been solved. Choosing VIC Family Lawyers is an excellent option to ensure smart investment in a service that will help you meet the most efficient outcome.

How Our Legal Fees are Calculated

Our fees are all calculated depending on how long the entire legal process will take. We are a firm that bases remuneration of services on solid results so you can be sure you are making a smart investment that will translate to peace of mind once the litigation is over. You can contact us today for more information regarding the cost of our professional services.

Extra Expenses

Legal issues and the procedures needed to solve them are known to create a big number of extra, and unnecessary expenses. VIC Family Lawyers is a firm that aims to reduce these extra costs to the lowest amount possible so you will not be spending much more than what is needed to cover the litigation and complete it in a successful way.

Court Costs

Contact us today and we will give you all the information you need regarding court costs and what is the real amount of money you will be spending solving your legal issue. VIC Family Lawyers is a transparent law firm that clarifies every single expense to build trust and a feeling of safety amongst our highly-distinguished clientele.

Frequently Asked Questions

For most women, a divorce, separation or property settlement is usually the first litigation process they face. On this section, we clarify some of the most popular questions so you can visit or contact VIC Family Lawyers having a good background to start working on your case as soon as possible.

The first implies that the parts agree to the terms of the divorce. Therefore, it can be processed with a single lawyer and a solicitor and does not imply assistance for trial, but to sign a contract called a regulatory agreement. Legal separation, on the other hand, means that each part contracts a lawyer and a prosecutor and a trial is held to discuss the issues on which there is no agreement.

In all cases the marriage certificate is necessary and if there are common children the birth certificate of each part. If the divorce a mutual consent to be used to liquidate the partnership, the deeds of the property, the documents related to the loans that the marriage has and the payroll and expenses of each one of them may be required.

If the divorce is by agreement, it lasts between one and two months, depending on the workload of the court and if there are underage children (if this is the case the prosecutor intervenes and it always takes a couple of weeks more). In case of contentious divorce, the average ranges between three and six months.

The fact that a marriage is divorced does not imply that its members cease to be parents. Thus, parental authority is almost always shared, which means that the essential decisions about the children’s lives will be made by agreement of the parents. But children cannot be under both parents’ roof at the same time, so it must be determined whether the custody is single-parent or shared, which means that the children will spend time with both parties.

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